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  • Does Ocean Classic Cars organise wine tours?
    We do not organise wine tours, simply because we don't have the background knowledge to put together a decent wine tour and we don't have dedicated personnel yet. Having said that, if you have already booked the venues, we are absolutely available to drive you around the Swan Valley or to your preferred wineries.
  • Can I hire the car for more than 1 hour?
    Absolutely yes, customers can hire our cars for as many hours as they want.
  • What are the preferred payment methods?
    We normally accept payment in cash or bank transfer. Yes, it is also possible to pay with credit card (Visa and MasterCard). At the moment this can be done only in person, as our system allows only 'tap' credit card payments. Over the phone credit card transaction cannot be done because we don't have the possibility to type in your card details into the device. Please note that there might be a surcharge for this service (usually up to 1.5%). Of course there is no surcharge for cash or bank transfer.
  • Is it possible to have a look at the car/s before hiring them?
    Yes, it is possible. Just give us a call and we will organise to meet up and show you the preferred car.
  • How many persons can fit in the cars?
    The Mustang is registered for 4 people and the Customline for 5 people, including the driver for both. Please note that, due to the age of the car, we cannot accommodate child seats.
  • Can I hire and self-drive a car?
    Due to insurance reasons we can provide chauffeured services only. We will drive you along your preferred route and you can hire the car for multiple hours, but our drivers are not in a position to let customers drive.
  • Can I smoke or vape in the car?
    No, plain and simple.
  • Can I bring my music and speaker?
    Certainly yes! Feel free to bring your music and speaker. Our cars are vintage and so are their radios; we have a Bluetooth speaker and you are more than welcome to use it.
  • Is it possible to have a ribbon on the car?
    Yes, just let us know during the booking process what kind of ribbon you prefer. We have white and off white (cream), and with a little bit of notice we can provide other colours.
  • Can I drink alcoholic beverages in the car?
    According to the WA Government passengers cannot drink alcohol in a car in Western Australia and if caught, Police can issue a $2,000 fine. We can provide an esky to carry and keep cool your drinks and these can be consumed during stops (like during photoshoots for example). P.S. If you live in South Australia and you REALLY want to hire our cars for a cruise around Adelaide Hills, then as a passenger you can drink on board, just because SA don’t have restrictions in that space.
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